Players must protect themselves should there be a danger from adverse weather conditions.
In the event of lightning, golfers and visitors out on the course are strongly advised to cease playing and return to the clubhouse leaving their golf equipment at the point where play ceased.

Players who choose to remain on the course in adverse weather conditions, particularly with thunder and lightning in the vicinity do so at their own risk. It is not always possible to monitor conditions on the entire course and players have a duty of care to themselves.

Players who choose to remain on the course should mark the position of their golf ball, move away from their golf equipment, keep as low as possible and ideally crouch down in the nearest bunker.

Players are also advised to keep away from high ground, avoid sheltering under trees and ensure mobile phones are turned off. Sheltering under an umbrella is not recommended.

During casual play, players must proceed under rule 6.8. This makes it the player’s own responsibility to discontinue play when, in his/her opinion, a danger from lightning exists.

In the event of fog while on the golf course the decision to stop or continue play lies with the player, as it is recognised that over such a large area conditions may vary and can change from minute to minute.

Competition Golf
In the event of bad weather causing unplayable or dangerous conditions a klaxon will be sounded to suspend play. If, however, the klaxon is not heard and the player believes there is a real risk of danger, the player is entitled to proceed under the provision of rule 6.8 and discontinue play.

Klaxon Codes – 1 long blast – play suspended. 2 long blasts – play restarted. Repeated long blasts – possible danger. Players advised to leave course immediately.

If the suspension lasts more than 30 minutes (Men’s competitions) or 60 minutes (Ladies’ competitions) the competition will be cancelled and may be re-scheduled if the fixture programme permits. This decision will be made by at least 2 people from the following: Professional Staff, Managing Secretary, Course Chairman, Head Greenkeeper and members of the Match & Handicap Committee.

If bad weather is forecast, the Course Committee will select pin positions that are on higher ground and also ensure that squeegees and/or rakes are available near greens which have a tendency to flood.

Club Matches
In the event of adverse weather the decision whether to continue play rests with the team captains.

July 2019

Adverse Weather Policy

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