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World Handicap System Updates

Update No. 1 - Sept 22nd 2020

We are getting quite close to the introduction of the World Handicap System on November 2nd, but unfortunately, because of Covid, we have not been able to carry out the presentations to members that we had planned.
As an interim measure the link below is the official presentation from England Golf, using exactly the same slides and videos that we had planned to use. It lasts for 45 minutes and goes into a lot of detail, probably more than the club member requires, but we recommend that you view it and note any queries you may have.
We then hope to arrange some “Zoom” meetings over the winter months when these questions can be addressed.
If the new system is initially difficult to understand, please bear in mind that you will only need your new handicap index which will be allocated on October 5th. When playing in competitions the handicap software will calculate your playing handicap and there will be conversion boards near the first tee of all golf courses to calculate your course handicap for “social” golf.
Your handicap index will be calculated based on your best 8 scores out of your last 20 rounds (over the last 2 years). There is a different calculation for those who do not have 20 rounds recorded, but we do recommend that those falling into this category, if possible, get a few supplementary scores submitted prior to October 5th.
Grab a coffee & settle down to the link below


Update No. 2 - Sept 27th 2020

This World Handicap System (WHS) update is one which we are legally obliged to issue as it involves the transfer of personal information from our current software supplier (Club V1) to England Golf.
On October 5th, all club members will be allocated a handicap index based on the best 8 of the last 20 scores. To achieve this, England Golf requires personal data from all member’s as described in the Privacy Notice.
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This is mainly to ensure that no player can have 2 CDH numbers (CDH = central database of handicaps), and that handicap index notifications can be sent out.

The next update will be after October 5th once handicap indexes have been allocated.

Update No. 3 - October 6th 2020

The latest timeline from England Golf is that members will be able to view their Handicap Index on their web site from w/c October 19th and on ClubV1/Howdidido from November 2nd. The next 2 weeks will see the upload of all handicap data from Club V1 databases to England Golf databases.

Once the WHS goes live on November 2nd the Handicap Index must then be converted to a Course Handicap on whichever course you are playing.

The Course Handicap is calculated based on the Handicap Index of the golfer and the difficulty (course/slope rating) of the golf course for the set of tees used. A chart/table supplied by the golf club will easily inform the golfer what their Course Handicap will be at the venue.

At MGC there will be 2 boards (outside the Pro’s shop and on the wall by the first tee) and “look up” cards which can be stored in a golf bag or pocket will also be provided.

The link below shows the information which will be displayed for each set of tees at MGC. Use this information to convert your handicap index into your course handicap.

Handicap indexes are calculated to one decimal place, and course handicaps are whole numbers.

The charts in the link below also show the “Course Rating” which is replacing the “Standard Scratch Score” for each set of tees. The numbers are essentially the same although now quoted to one decimal place.

When playing in competitions there will be a stroke allowance which adjusts the Course Handicap, but to prevent “overload” in these emails this will be covered in the next update.

MGC Course Handicap Table Click Here

Update No. 4 - October 13th 2020

We are now in a position where we will be able to issue a preview of MGC Handicap Indexes within the next couple of days, but this update completes the section on handicaps.

Just a reminder that once the Handicap Index has been issued this is then converted to a Course Handicap - this is the number of strokes a player receives from a given set of tees based on the course slope rating. Boards and charts by the 1st tee supply this information.
The Course Handicap is then used for all social golf and submission of supplementary scores.

When playing in competitions, the Course Handicap then coverts to a “Playing Handicap”.
Playing Handicap is a stroke allowance that is implemented “to maintain the integrity of the World Handicap System when used in competition”. The Playing Handicap is a whole number and depends on the format of play and the relevant handicap allowance as per the list below:

Strokeplay/Stablefords/Par comps) 95% (currently 100%)

Betterball Strokeplay/Stablefords 85% (currently 90%)

Foursomes 50% of combined h’cap (unchanged)

Foursomes 60% lower h’cap, 40% higher h’cap (unchanged)

Am Am team
of 4 (best 2 scores) 85% (currently 90%)

Texas Scramble 25%/20%/15%/10% from lowest to highest h'cap (previously 10% of the total handicaps)

Matchplay 100% (unchanged)

Betterball Matchplay 90% (unchanged)

Playing Handicap is used to determine competition results and the CSS (course standard scratch) which is calculated on the day and reflects the playing conditions, will be replaced by a “Playing Conditions Calculation” (PCC) which serves the same purpose as the CSS.

Finally an example:

Using the MGC Slope Index charts a Handicap Index of 23.4 would convert to a Course Handicap of 27 (white tees) and 25 (red tees), and a playing handicap of 26 (white tees) and 24 (red tees) for individual strokeplay competitions (95% stroke allowance).

Update No 5 - October 23rd 2020

You should now have received an email from England Golf encouraging you to sign up to the World Handicap platform in order to view your handicap data. To do this you will need your CDH number (described as “membership number” on the sign-up page) which you can find in your records on Club V1 or “HowDidiDo”.

Once this is done you will be able to view your playing and handicap records and your best 8 scores (highlighted) which have been used to calculate your handicap index. Please note that this is not your final index as competition and supplementary scores are still being added for the month of October. For those with less than 20 scores submitted the calculation is different and the scores used to calculate the index are highlighted.

If you have not received the email from England Golf the link to the sign-up site is below:
Click Here

Update No 6 - October 31st 2020

With “WHS day” almost upon us the course handicap table boards have now been installed on the clubhouse wall by the 1st tee and on the Pro’s shop wall. In addition, there is a pocket-sized card available in the clubhouse (next to the PSI computer) which is handy to keep in your golf bag. Use these boards/cards to convert your handicap index to your course handicap for whichever tees you play off.

The final download of information to WHS will take place on November 2nd. This will adjust handicap indexes as scores submitted over the last 5 weeks will be added, and new members who currently do not appear on the WHS platform will also be added. Hopefully a few anomalies already identified will also be corrected.

Supplementary scores (being renamed “social scores”) can still be submitted while the tees are in their current “summer” position but as soon as we go on to the winter mats no more scores will be accepted.

Just a reminder that you can access your personal handicap records by signing up to the WHS Member’s Platform using the link below:

Update No 7 - February 6th 2021

In preparation for the (hopefully soon!) forthcoming golf season we are issuing a couple more updates on the World Handicap System (WHS) which will be in full operation when we return to the golf course. Just a reminder that all previous WHS updates can be found in the member’s section on the MGC website.

England Golf have now released a mobile App which allows you not only to check and view your handicap index record, but also to search for information on course rating and slope index of all England golf courses. This is extremely useful as it converts your handicap index to your playing handicap for that particular golf course.
This App is available free of charge in Apple or Google Play Store (ignore the fact that for some strange reason it is described as “New Zealand Golf Network”).

The next, slightly longer update will cover “casual scores”, previously known as supplementary scores, which will play a big part in the use of the WHS system.

Update No 8 - February 13th 2021

You may have read or heard that under the World Handicap System (WHS) all rounds contribute towards your handicap index - not strictly true but this update covers what rounds do count, and how to submit those scores, now called ‘casual scores’ (previously known as “supplementary scores”).

The whole idea of casual scores is to put in a score in for handicap purposes from a round that is not necessarily a club competition. Under WHS you are now encouraged to do this.
With handicap records focusing on your last 20 scores, and the best eight differentials being averaged out for your WHS index, it is clear the more scores you can submit the more accurate your handicap will be.

Firstly, just as you might have done with a “supplementary score” under the old CONGU system, you have to pre-register your round, but things are now very different from the previous procedure with registration and score submission.
Your round must be pre-registered electronically, so you will now register your round by signing in on the PSI (player score input) computer in the clubhouse, on the mobile “HowDidIDo” app or on the mobile MyEnglandgolf app.

Formats of play for “casual scores” - individual stroke play, stableford, par formats can all be used to submit a score.
Fourball stroke play, Am Ams, individual match play and fourball match play rounds cannot be used.

Once you have signalled your intent, and worked out your Course Handicap for the tees you are playing from (yellow for men, red for ladies), go out and play but remember, for your course to be verified and to count towards your WHS record, it must be played:

• In accordance with the Rules of Golf
• With at least one other person
• On a course with a current Course and Slope Rating

After your round, the score can be submitted, again either on the clubhouse PSI computer or on the HowDidIDo” or MyEnglandgolf mobile apps, where you select which tees were used and whether over 9 or 18 holes. Please be aware that the cards will no longer be manually processed by the Match & Handicap team. If the card is put in the scorecard box WITHOUT submitting the score, the card will be null & void after midnight, when scores are updated. You can then check your new handicap index the following morning. Please also be aware that it will not be possible to enter the score if your round has not been pre-registered.

Scores on other courses – the MyEnglandgolf app can be used to register and record scores on any course in England Mif you play any other course in England. Alternatively you should be able to use their club’s software to register/enter score but the recommendation from WHS is that if this is not possible, to leave the scorecard with the club manager who will process it, or to bring the card back to Mickleover where the M & H team will be able to process it.

General Play/Casual Scores/No Returns

This note explains the new importance and reasons for ensuring that all “no return” scores are still entered into the handicap software for individual strokeplay competitions.
We have always requested that “no return” scores are still entered into the PSI computer or on the Howdidido mobile app to help us tally competition entries vs scores, but now under WHS (world handicap system) it is even more important that all scores are submitted electronically.
This short document click here from CONGU explains very well why “no returns” should always be submitted but in summary, under WHS a “no return” round may still turn out to be one of your best 8 cards (and therefore contribute to your handicap index) if most of the holes are completed during the round. It is worth remembering that you can still get a handicap reduction from a “no return” score. There is a good example of this in the document.
Please therefore have a look at the attachment, and if a “no return” does occur because of a lost ball etc, continue to score, complete the card, and enter it into the PSI computer or mobile app after your round as per WHS requirements.

Just a quick update on the submission of casual/ general play rounds, particularly when using the MyEG app which is causing a little confusion amongst some members.

If using the HowDidiDo mobile app or PSI clubhouse computer - sign in before playing then enter your score afterwards. A scorecard IS required to be submitted for score verification. This is probably the simplest method for casual rounds at MGC.

If using the MyEG app (which can be used to submit scores on any course in England) - no scorecard is required, but your score does have to be verified by a playing partner. Please firstly ensure that whoever is going to verify your score also has the app or your score will not be submitted. A message is sent to your marker after your round and they have to verify your score before it can be uploaded to WHS.
If not verified, the score remains on the app (called a “score intent”) and can cause problems with future submissions. There are quite a few of these on member's handicap records and these can be removed by swiping the “score intent” to the left which then reveals a "delete" icon.

When registering a casual round please use either of the above methods, but don't combine them or duplicate rounds are then recorded.and scorecard box will be relocated in the upstairs clubhouse foyer which will remain open for the purpose of submitting scorecards and entering scores.